The Loc Hung Vegetable Garden

In January 2019 Vietnamese authorities carried out a massive operation in the Loc Hung Vegetable Garden in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, which saw the forcible eviction of thousands of residents and the destruction of over 500 homes. Over two years later, the residents of Loc Hung continue to await justice.

Part 1: “Their whole world collapsed around them”

For our first instalment, we spoke to Cao Ha Truc, one of those leading efforts for the residents to receive some form of compensation.

PART 2: “Even though I was scared, I didn’t comply”

For the second instalment we spoke to a child from the community who told us about his experiences of harassment at his school.

PART 3: “We just want to find a solution”

This week we are talking to Tran Minh-Thi, a local music teacher, who shares about her own experiences and reflects on the broader situation for children from the garden.